Syneos Health is the only company in the biopharmaceutical services industry purpose-built to create greater success for our customers. At Syneos Health, clinical and commercial live under the same roof and constantly share real world knowledge and insights that lead to getting the job done better, smarter and faster. 


We call this new way of collaborative working the Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model or BAM


How does it work? BAM is an end-to-end concept, working across our clinical and commercial capabilities and driven by each and every one of our approximately 28,000 employees. Importantly, it also incorporates many unique Syneos Health disciplines including the Trusted Process®, Syneos One®, the Syneos Health Data Lake Ecosystem, Real World Evidence and our deep therapeutic expertise — each providing a constant stream of insights focused on two critical areas: patient behavior and process acceleration.


These insights, along with our unique approach to data and digital, which we call
Dynamic Assembly®, allow us not only to solve problems, but also solve them more quickly, increasing the likelihood of regulatory approval and maximizing commercial success. At Syneos Health, we believe that BAM is the future of biopharmaceutical development. But more importantly to our customers, it is the key to shortening the distance from lab to life®.


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