• Global branding firm specializing in design, naming, research and brand strategy

    Addison Whitney

    Addison Whitney and the brands we build seek to drive value beyond conventional measures. As a global branding firm deeply rooted in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries, we help customers capture marketplace opportunities and establish sustained differentiation through creative naming, imaginative design, comprehensive brand strategy and insightful market research.

    Brand differentiation starts the moment we design the process that works best for your specific needs. What challenges stand in your way? Where are the potential opportunities for your product or company inside the competitive landscape?

    This relentless commitment to see every project with fresh creative eyes makes us stronger and allows our brands to break through in highly saturated markets like technology and consumer goods – or gain approval in highly-regulated industries like biopharmaceuticals and healthcare.

    • Verbal Branding – Behind every unforgettable name is a complex operating system of creativity, purpose and strategic thinking.
    • Visual Branding – The visual voice often makes the first impression for the brand, allowing the hallmarks of great design to step forward and create engagement.
    • Brand Strategy – The strategic framework puts a purposeful stake in the ground for what the brand represents and how it will be organized.
    • Market Research – Effective research and analysis informs the journey and validates what the brand is meant to be.
  • Global public relations agency building brands and growing markets for companies driving innovation in healthcare.

    Biosector 2

    Biosector 2 (B2) is a global healthcare communications agency that aims to deliver groundbreaking programs and improve the health of people worldwide. We do this by telling the right brand and disease state story at the right time and place. Because we are immersed in the ever-changing marketplace, we are able to make a meaningful impact when treatment and health decisions are being made.

    We offer best-in-class communications strategy, digital and social media, issues management, stakeholder engagement, and analytics and measurement. We’ve launched award-winning public health campaigns across advocacy, trade and B2B strategic partnerships, launched groundbreaking social media programs, including the first product-branded Twitter channel, and excel in innovative scientific communications for our customers.

    Our dynamic, insightful approach allows us to solve today’s problems while uncovering tomorrow’s opportunities.

  • Medical communications agency integrating multichannel planning, clinically driven scientific strategy and flawless execution

    Cadent Medical Communications

    Cadent Medical Communications consists of a high-science, high-touch medical communications team with offices in New York and Dallas. We pride ourselves in our ability to translate complex science into compelling messages that deliver value and action for our customers. We do so by building relationships and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals.

    The credentialed professionals (PhDs, MDs, PharmDs) at Cadent delve into available evidence, are insight driven and have a strong understanding of and experience in the biopharmaceutical commercialization process. As a result, Cadent provides customers with strategic insight and innovative medical communication solutions for even the most complex products and diseases.

    The agency environment can best be described as collaborative, approachable, vibrant, supportive and ever-changing.

  • Global PR agency pioneering health communications programs that engage key stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle.

    Chandler Chicco Agency

    Chandler Chicco Agency (CCA) is a pioneer in the global health communications space. Our reputation for doing the best work in the industry is unmatched and stems from our dedication to the world of health, as well as staying ahead of those around us. From patient advocacy and disease awareness to issues management and commercialization, our unparalleled insight, depth of experience and entrepreneurial spirit drives us to create inspired and visionary solutions. We strive to deliver success to our customers and lead the way toward a healthier world. Our customers span the spectrum of healthcare from blockbusters to niche products; large biopharmaceutical to emerging specialty companies; biotechnology to devices and diagnostics; healthcare technology, hospitals, non-profits and academic centers.

    Whether it’s a global, regional or local initiative, CCA provides full support and services to customers by leveraging our ever-growing global network of offices and specialists. We set the standard in delivering best-in-class health communications in a collaborative, flexible environment where creativity reigns and customers come first. We see things in a different way, inspiring divergent thinking that yields unprecedented results. For more than 20 years, we’ve believed in The Freedom to See. The Power to Do®.

  • Global PR agency delivering powerful communications solutions for organizations committed to the pursuit of health.


    For nearly 25 years, Chamberlain has been creating and delivering powerful communications solutions for organizations committed to the pursuit of health, in order to make a meaningful difference and tangible impact on the well-being of people around the globe. Based in New York City and London, Chamberlain’s diverse customer roster represents sectors in healthcare from leading Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies to non-profit organizations to biotechnology and medical organizations.

    Being all healthcare, all the time is often what first attracts customers to Chamberlain. This is because the healthcare industry and biopharmaceutical sector, in particular, are complex, challenging and ever-changing. To be successful and a true partner for our customers, we must have in-depth knowledge and experience to help them appropriately navigate the landscape to achieve business goals. This expertise can only come from being “in it” all the time.

    Ultimately, what sets us apart for both employees and long-standing customers are Chamberlain’s four key operating principles: simplify the complex; think strategically, adapt quickly; be creative and compliant; and stay nimble.

  • Elite group of senior-level creative, strategic and marketing experts with a purpose-built integrated management model to tackle the challenges of commercializing your product at every stage of your brand's lifecycle. 

    Commercial Integration Communications

    When you engage with us, you are partnering with an elite group of senior-level creative, strategic, and marketing experts who bring an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for building new brands and revitalizing mature ones.


    Our integrated management model is purpose-built for infrastructure-constrained clients like you, whether you are:

    • Entering the marketplace with limited resources, or
    • Reallocating your own resources to higher priority initiatives


    Scalable and adaptable, our teams will tailor solutions to address the demands and challenges of commercializing your product, at every stage of your brand’s lifecycle. In doing so, we will never take a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we’ll provide bespoke solutions that facilitate success throughout the process.


    Our culture is collaborative and our focus is customer-centric. We aren’t an extension of your team—we are your team, effectively joining forces to reveal more opportunities for growth. 

  • Full-service advertising agency creating strategic marketing solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and health-and-wellness clients.


    GSW is a full-service healthcare communications agency that goes beyond advertising to create personalized brand experiences that involve, inspire, educate and activate people through ongoing brand journeys. As one of the world’s 10 most-awarded healthcare advertising agencies, GSW is hell-bent not to replace the same old with the same old. This is achieved through a provocative premise – if other brands communicated the way healthcare brands do, how many customers would they have? GSW turns against this premise through discovery of beneath-the-surface customer insights that we impact with stories, simplicity and authenticity. We call it "speaking people."

    We are inspired by the people, the patients and the lives that touch the brands on which we work. By keeping our customers’ brands and the people they touch at the center of all we do, we build experiences and change lives. When you speak people, you: uncover genuine human truths, connect audiences, channels and markets, build advocacy far beyond advertising, and measure outcomes beyond incomes.

    GSW creates marketing solutions through a comprehensive and wide array of services including advertising, digital and closed-loop marketing, strategic insight, branding, communications planning, predictive modeling, market access strategies and media and market research.

  • A leading provider of clinical research home health services, providing highly trained, qualified and experienced research nurses to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.

    Illingworth Research Group

    Illingworth Research GroupTM, a Syneos Health® company, is a leading provider of clinical research home health services, providing highly trained, qualified and experienced research nurses to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries. Building on our long-standing home health experience, we also provide complementary patient-focused CRO services. Illingworth Research Group – named the Scrip Award Best CRO (Specialist Provider) for 2020 – operates in more than 46 countries, delivering the highest standards of clinical care and regulatory adherence across a diverse range of therapeutic areas. To learn more about our unique approach to clinical trial delivery, visit illingworthresearch.com.

  • Medical communications agency building relationships, understanding and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals.

    Litmus Medical Communications

    Litmus Medical Communications, with offices in London, Munich and Paris, acts as a catalyst to accelerate uptake and embed the value of therapies across the product life cycle, bringing business strategy to science and scientific expertise to your business. With our base in Europe, we are cognizant of the diverse healthcare systems, regulations and market dynamics of the region; however, we are not limited by geography, and support our customers at a local, European and global level.

    Whatever the reach required, we specialize in building relationships, understanding and collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and medical/healthcare professionals. We develop a range of strategic solutions based on an understanding of both the objectives and issues of our customers as well as their stakeholders; focusing on facilitating peer-to-peer and scientific communications through a range of channels. As effective and compelling communication is key, whether a marketing story, scientific data or market access support, we have a dedicated editorial excellence team providing content that can be syndicated to deliver solutions that enhance patient care.

  • Full-service market access agency ensuring consistency of message pull-through via integrated strategic and tactical launch programs.

    Managed Markets Communications

    Managed Markets Communications harnesses the experience of managed markets professionals and integrates that expertise with the power of our core agency capabilities. It’s a seamless marriage of insight and talent that gives our customers a significant competitive advantage. We understand the complexities of the managed markets world and how it is evolving. We know that successful market access marketing goes beyond talking to large commercial payers and now includes communicating to a variety of other key audiences, such as organized providers.

    Our market access content experts have spent their careers in the managed markets space and bring invaluable industry expertise to our creative executions. The rest of our agency team is focused on managed markets day in and day out – from our account team to our copywriters to our art directors, it’s what we do and who we are.

    Our deep experience in this space allows us to develop engaging content designed to help our customers meet or exceed their goals. As a full-service market access agency, we partner with our customers to create integrated strategic and tactical launch programs that address the necessary customer touch points in order to ensure consistency of message pull-through.

    • Overcoming a perceived lack of unmet need for certain treatments
    • Communicating product differentiation when launching into a crowded and competitive marketplace
    • Identifying key customer targets as stakeholder roles continue to evolve and change
    • Establishing and maintaining both brand and company leadership in relevant therapeutic categories
  • Full-service, oncology-focused advertising agency transforming products into brands, and patients into survivors.


    NAVICOR is a full-service, oncology-focused communications and advertising agency that specializes in transforming products into brands and patients into survivors. At NAVICOR, cancer is more than a therapeutic category – it’s personal.

    The complex world of oncology demands more than just a passing interest. Success requires commitment, depth of understanding and a balance between science and art to create communications that both inform and inspire action. For more than 12 years, NAVICOR has attracted many oncology experts, distinguished clinicians and award-winning creative professionals dedicated to improving patients’ lives by successfully launching and maintaining oncology brands throughout the world.

    Our team has experience in more than 40 tumor types and oncology-related conditions, making our collective experience valuable to new customers. With our thorough knowledge of oncology, our understanding of OPDP submission, and both traditional and accelerated filings, we have successfully helped more than a dozen companies with their first commercialization. We’ve helped companies create, maintain and change the perception of their oncology brands through message development, as well as positioning, branding, and creating relevant and meaningful creative campaigns.

  • A leading full service CRO focused on the emerging biopharma segment. Multi-disciplinary teams support biotech and pharmaceutical companies across all phases of drug development.


    Synteract®, a Syneos Health® company, is a leading full service CRO focused on the emerging biopharma segment. The Company’s multidisciplinary teams support biotech and pharmaceutical companies across all phases of drug development, providing deep expertise in oncology, dermatology, general medicine, infectious disease and vaccines, neuroscience, pediatrics, and rare and orphan diseases. Synteract has conducted nearly 4,000 studies on six continents in over 62 countries. To learn more about how Synteract is Bringing clinical trials to lifeTM by transforming insights to action and making therapies a reality, visit synteract.com and connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.