Clinical Careers

Shortening the Distance from Lab to Life™.

Clinical careers with Syneos are not one size fits all. We encourage candidates to find the career path that will allow them to be both challenged and empowered. Talent Acquisition offers a variety of opportunities including regular and contract positions within Syneos and our customer organizations.


Collaborate with Passionate Problem Solvers.

Work in specialized Syneos teams that are therapeutically or functionally aligned for expert collaboration.

We assemble clinical teams where everyone from CRAs to senior management is skilled in the same therapeutic area or customer teams. With this structure, everyone on your Syneos team speaks the same language and can deliver unique insights into the therapeutic environment and patient population.

At Syneos, you will lead studies smarter and more efficiently with the Trusted Process methodology. We also offer opportunities to work directly with biopharmaceutical customers in a functional provider model. No matter which path you prefer, you will partner globally with diverse teams of experts to get medicines to the people who need them, sooner.


Be Empowered and Thrive.

We strive to remain agile in this dynamic industry by continuously advancing our knowledge and skills. Evolve at each stage of your career with the encouragement of managers and internal resources. Syneos’s training programs will support your professional development with opportunities such as:

  • Annual professional development planning for career pathing
  • Accredited IAOCR certification programs for Clinical Research Associates, Central Monitoring Associates and Clinical Data Associates
  • Management training courses
  • The CRA Training Institute


Over Deliver and Out Perform.

We welcome a challenge as an opportunity to set and exceed expectations; then, we celebrate our successes. Our recognition program rewards employees for their hard work and achievements, helping us to cultivate a culture that raises the bar for excellence with every project.

Syneos, as a whole, is honored to be recognized with:

  • “Top CRO to Work With” among the top 10 global CROs in the 2017 CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Relationship Survey
  • IAOCR’s Silver Workforce Quality Accreditation status
  • Medidata’s “Trial of the Future” Award for Operational Excellence
  • The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) Eagle Award


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