Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Patient safety is a critical component in the acceleration of biopharmaceutical therapies. This is why quality is the main focus of our Safety & Pharmacovigilance services. We are proud of our close, long-term, collaborative partnerships with our customers, and are highly sensitive to their needs.

What distinguishes us most is our people: highly qualified scientists and healthcare professionals with a deep knowledge of legislation and a dedication to providing quality safety services.

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Safety & Pharmacovigilance Specialist

Patient safety is a critical component of the product development process, and we take our role seriously. That’s why quality and compliance are the main focus of our safety and pharmacovigilance services.

Our work includes maintaining the repository of all relevant documents and ensuring compliance to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and policies. We support annual revenue targets by collaborating with the operational team members and Therapeutic Business Unit Segment Leads and Project Specialists.

Our People


Safety & PV Project Delivery Lead

At Syneos Health, I have worked to attain expertise in a wide range of clinical trial indications and continue to learn and improve at every opportunity. I enjoy breaking processes and connections into meaningful and manageable components, and love being part of the process as our different departments and teams work together to deliver the best outcomes for our sponsors' clinical trials.”

Functional Service Provider (FSP)

An FSP relationship is a partnership between Syneos Health and a Sponsor. Every partnership is unique with each one tailored to achieve our customer’s visions and goals. This allows us to grow and evolve with our customers as their portfolio needs evolve.

For Syneos Health it means that colleagues who like structure and predictability, and who truly enjoy relationship building in the work environment, tend to thrive in FSP environments.

Sponsors look to Syneos Health for technical expertise. They expect our colleagues to be an extension of their team and to bring new ideas; demonstrate expertise in technology and processes; escalate recommendations for improvements and take opportunities to innovate. In other words, Syneos Health has a voice.