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Regulatory approval used to be the goal and a successful launch was pretty much the endgame. But no more. The biopharma launch landscape is far more complex than ever before. Pricing pressures from all sides are relentless. Key stakeholders and market drivers are proliferating. Product registration isn’t enough to get everyone – providers, patients, payers – on board. Regulatory authorities and health technology assessment (HTA) agencies now have a more decisive impact on the commercial success of a product worldwide. Every key stakeholder needs more data – and the ability to evaluate disparate sources of data more holistically – to determine, from their specific point of view, the value proposition.


This new reality requires a partner with broad, highly integrated commercialization expertise.


The Syneos Health™ Complete Commercial Solution

Syneos Health designs tailored commercialization solutions that are scalable to your needs, ranging from a preferred provider to a fully integrated outsourced solution. We can complement traditional commercial approaches with medical science liaisons (MSLs), reimbursement specialists and sophisticated market access and multi-channel communications and engagement capabilities. Coupled with our ability to tap insights generated earlier in the clinical trial process, we offer a powerful, highly integrated platform designed to produce a greater likelihood of launch success.


Our ability to connect and integrate clinical and commercial disciplines enables biopharma companies of all sizes to accelerate the commercialization of assets while providing superior strategic control versus traditional alternatives.


For emerging companies, we de-risk commercialization by bringing forward into the clinical development process insights about the adoption criteria that will need to be met for commercial success. We can determine far earlier what data key opinion leaders, healthcare professionals, patients and payers will require to fully appreciate product value, ensuring that the right data is available at the right time. We can develop an insightful, actionable Real World Evidence (RWE) agenda.


Simultaneously, we can provide the infrastructure and portfolio of commercial capabilities required for launch success, including sales representatives, market access, public relations, advertising, behavioral insights and more. Our approach enables emerging companies to maintain strategic control and tap the data and insights required to successfully navigate a complex commercialization environment.


For larger biopharmaceutical companies, we can provide or supplement your existing expertise with scientific and sales support, along with global payer, managed market, medical and patient communications and digital solutions – every commercial capability required to get to market, ensure access and adoption, and win. This approach is ideal for managing established or mature assets, allowing large companies to focus their talent, resources and financial investment on launching new products to market.


Our Integrated Solutions Group

A unique element of our Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model is our Integrated Solutions Group (ISG), comprised of dedicated industry veterans and product strategists with regulatory, clinical, commercial and Real World expertise. They are uniquely positioned to determine the right mix of clinical and commercial considerations needed for your asset and help you pull the right operational levers with promotional sensitivity to maximize returns throughout the product life cycle.


Our comprehensive approach integrates strategic, creative and operational expertise that enables our customers to optimize performance and achieve their goals. Syneos Health offers nearly every commercial service a biopharmaceutical company needs to move from development to commercialization – or as we like to say, from lab to life.

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