In 2019, pharmaceutical leaders are passionate about the opportunity to create change—and seeking the momentum to act on it. Look for new calls to more quickly create business cases, advance institutional data fluency and infuse behavioral science in everything we do.

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Marketers Prioritize Making Habit Changes at Cannes Lions Health

P&G and Thrive Global launched a new initiative at Cannes Lions Health designed to leverage behavioral science to help customers around the world live more sustainable lives. Read more in this Adweek article by Leigh Householder, our Managing Director of Insights and Innovation.


3 Ways Secret Messages Spark Positive Change in Health and Wellness

There’s something about a secret message that’s impossible to ignore. Here’s an Adweek article by Leigh Householder, our Managing Director of Insights and Innovation showcasing how we saw 2019 Cannes winners using this unexpected and new way of communication for the benefit of health.


The Syneos Health Podcast: From DTC to DT"Me" - The Future of Communications in Pharmaceuticals

Amy Hutnik, Chief Growth and Transformation Officer for Syneos Health Communications, discusses how communications intelligence and channels have evolved with the availability of data.


Health Mindsets: How Attitudes and Beliefs Impact the Way Consumers Engage with Healthcare

The key to understanding differences in health behavior lies with consumers’ underlying health mindsets. By better understanding healthcare mindsets, marketers may be able to gain valuable insights about the channels they should use to reach specific consumers and the behavioral gaps they must address.


Achieving Insight-Driven Care: Rely on Data and Behavioral Science to Unlock Real Change

How can we use evidence-based strategies to make change a reality for our customers & the patients they serve? Michelle Keefe, President of Commercial Solutions at Syneos Health, elaborates in this Applied Clinical Trials article.


How Behavioral Science Can Be Used to Motivate Patients and Other Stakeholders

Some of healthcare's biggest challenges are based in counterintuitive patient behavior. article featuring Kathleen Starr, Managing Director, Behavioral Insights at Syneos Health, outlines how behavioral science can help address
the issues.


Four Key Questions About HCP Engagement and Education in 2019

Carolyn Stephenson, our SVP, Director of Insights, shares her thoughts with PM360 regarding why we should lean on cognitive psychology to pinpoint and remove friction, freeing HCPs time to spend with patients.


2019 Dealmakers' Intentions

The Syneos Health Consulting Dealmakers’ Intentions Study is a forward-looking measure of dealmaking activity in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. This study offers a prospective view of the partnering and licensing landscape for the year ahead based on a survey of business development professionals on either or both sides of deals, from biopharma companies of all sizes.


How Digital Therapeutics Developers Can Satisfy Diverse Stakeholder Needs

All signs point to a breakthrough year for digital therapeutics. With the market poised to hit half a billion U.S. dollars by 2021, the industry is approaching an inflection point. Read this report for trade-offs and recommendations for healthcare stakeholders.


Insight-Driven Communications and the Data Imperative

Christie Anbar, Managing Director of Chamberlain Healthcare PR, Syneos Health, participated in a recent MM&M TrendTalks roundtable focused on “spend and trends” in the areas of healthcare professional (HCP), patient and payer marketing. Two imperatives involving data stood out during the discussions, both of which should be heeded to further enhance the impact of our communications campaigns.


Content That Clicks: Effective Social Marketing for Clinical Trial Recruitment

We set out to better understand what potential research participants think of receiving clinical trial advertising online, how much they trust different online delivery channels, and what messaging and design elements help motivate potential research participants to notice and click on social media advertisements that lead them toward enrollment in a clinical trial.



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