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Targeted CRM Delivery and Reporting for Field Teams

with Digital Amplifier

Our CRM targeting delivers automated digital messages to HCPs and reports HCP engagement insights back to field teams across the asset lifecycle,
amplifying the voices of medical science liaisons, clinical trial liaisons, field reimbursement managers and sales teams before and after face-to-face meetings.
We have Digital Amplifiers for specific use in clinical trials, medical affairs, commercial delivery, conference outreach and patient access settings.

Digital Amplifier helps you reach your highest-impact HCPs where they live online and when they are open for information by predicting, based on real world data analysis, their online movement and their readiness to engage with relevant messaging.

What to expect with Digital Amplifier
  • 1:1 NPI data-informed marketing at scale
  • Advanced omnichannel media execution and strategy
  • Fully integrates with existing technology
  • CRM-triggered automation
  • Behavioral and attitudinal intelligence-driven
  • Motivating custom messaging
  • Robust reporting capability

Choose the Digital Amplifier that fits your needs.

Clinical Digital Amplifier

Increase opportunities for clinical trial recruitment.

Medical Affairs Digital Amplifier

Share research and education across HCPs' favorite learning channels.

Commercial Digital Amplifier

Extend the reach of your sales teams and help them create a greater impact with HCPs.

Conference Digital Amplifier

Cut through the noise and reach key stakeholders at medical and other key industry conferences.

Patient Access Amplifier

Accelerate Field Reimbursement Team performance for better access from formulary to fulfillment.

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