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HCP Targeting and Segmentation for High-Value HCP Lists

Advanced Audience Intelligence

Not all healthcare providers are alike.
Pinpoint your highest-impact physicians, nurse practitioners, and physicians’ assistants
by integrating with existing HCP target lists and applying 60+ segmentation markers.

Increase Diversity in Clinical Trials When You Target the Right HCPs

We help life science companies reach and educate HCPs who are seeing patients aligned to clinical trial enrollment goals.

Our proprietary Syneos Health Insights Platform uses data tied to each HCP's NPI number for NPI targeting
that quantifies:

  • Product adoption curves
  • Professional networks
  • Current treatment portfolio diversity
  • Psychologic and demographic characteristics
  • Patient diversity
  • Location
  • And more…

Advanced Audience Intelligence across the asset lifecycle

Focus clinical trial recruitment on more doctors with greater referral potential.

Increase diversity in clinical trials.

Educate HCPs with a proven interest in research for any given treatment.

Connect with conference
attendees using geofencing.

Increase healthcare product
adoption rates.

Find or Enhance My HCP Audience

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