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Patient Voice Consortium

Putting patient perspectives at the forefront of innovation

The patient voice is essential to biopharmaceutical clinical development and commercialization.

Now the long-standing communications gap between patients and those who innovate on their behalf is finally beginning to close.

A cross-functional hub facilitating early and strategic integration of patient perspectives across clinical development and commercialization

The Patient Voice Consortium is a central hub enabling us to share our patient expertise, resources and relationships with our customers and each other. It brings our therapeutic depth together with our experience in patient advocacy, patient-reported outcomes and registries, storytelling, behavioral science, compliance and health policy.

This cross-functional collaboration facilitates our ability to collect and analyze data and insights from patients, their families and advocacy communities, and to inform everything from protocol design, study endpoint identification and patient recruitment to market access and commercialization strategies.

We seek a diversity of voices

Disparities in voice and care among underserved and underrepresented patient populations are well-documented. At the heart of the Patient Voice Consortium is our focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as we strive to partner with our customers to eliminate disparities in healthcare.

The Consortium seeks to learn from the widest range of patient communities possible. Inclusive, transparent methodologies, rooted in shared purpose and bi-directional communication, guide the Consortium’s efforts on behalf of our customers.

“Patients are more involved in their care decisions than ever before, influenced by trends in shared decision-making, peer-to-peer guidance and cost-sharing. To stay ahead of heightened regulator, payer and customer expectations, it’s critical that drug developers and those who partner with them stay in lockstep with patient perspectives, to stay ahead of heightened regulator, payer and customer expectations.”

Keri McDonough, Head, Patient Voice Consortium and Vice President, Medical and Scientific Strategy

Explore how we can help you strategically integrate the patient perspective to accelerate your success.

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