April 8, 2021

Speed & Scale in the Great Disruption

A Note From the Editor: A New Approach to Our Annual Trends Reporting

Leigh Householder, Managing Director, Omnichannel Strategy 

Not long ago, I was in a virtual green room at one of our industry’s major conferences. As we were preparing for a panel discussion, the host asked me: so that 2020 Trends report, looks like you missed a pretty big one, right?

It’s true. The novel coronavirus was certainly a great disrupter of our ability to see to the horizon of what was possible in 2020. Perhaps surprisingly, in many ways, it pushed us beyond our boldest predictions about what healthcare and industry could accomplish in a single year. We have fought for lives, changed interfaces and supported professionals and patients in ways that would have been unthinkable in the months and years before the virus.

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We approach 2021 energized and humbled. In this health-driven crisis, our industry is on the very forefront of the fight, quickly discovering and testing new ways to diagnose, treat, and vaccinate against the pandemic. We’re moving with speed and agility in every other aspect of life science innovation as well – from new ways to test many treatments to bold approaches to engaging patients and physicians to new lenses on efficiency and responsiveness.

At Syneos Health, we are innovating with industry. Driving change in how we deliver clinical and commercial services. And, in how we think about trends.

This year, we are disrupting our typical year-long outlook on the trends relevant to life science leaders. Instead of sharing a perspective based on a single point in time, we are going to give you a high-level view of our early predictions and then dive deep into the ones most critical and most actionable at key points throughout the next several months.

Today, we get started.

20 Trends to Come. Next Up: Future Field

As we worked with providers, innovators and experts around the world to understand the trends most likely to drive change in life science clinical and commercial engagement, twenty quickly stood out.

So far, we've covered things like Remote Care, The Next Normal, Omnichannel Maturity and most recently, China: The New Pace Car of Change.

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