February 8, 2021


Spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve seen healthcare providers (HCPs) drastically change the way they engage with both patients and the pharmaceutical industry. Life sciences companies are continuing to confront reach and frequency gaps in their communications as HCPs restrict visits, change channels and react to radical restructuring of patient care. As a result, pharmaceutical leaders are newly focused on channel optimization to close those gaps, support HCP-field rep relationships and make non-personal promotion more timely, relevant and useful.

The future that is emerging is neither fully face-to-face nor solely digital-dedicated – it is a flexible, informed combination powered by advanced behavioral science, machine learning and real-time digital marketing content customization based on what HCPs say to reps and what they do online.

Download our paper for a look inside our modern approach to building deeper relationships between HCPs, representatives and brands by creating more meaningful healthcare interactions.


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