March 18, 2020

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Medical education sponsors, meeting planners and pharma sales directors are scrambling to find substitutes for live events in the wake of travel bans and resulting travel uncertainties. The good news is that many effective virtual meeting options now exist, some of which you can implement within short timelines. As you consider these alternatives, however, it’s useful to keep in mind that you can’t just port over everything you’ve already prepared and expect to meet success. Compared with live events, virtual meetings call for different approaches to engagement, content and experience.

Today’s virtual engagements can replace almost any in-person meeting, whether they’re advisory boards, speaker training, investigator groups, peer-to-peer engagements, sales training, National Sales Meetings/ POA meetings, launch events or even some congresses. At Syneos Health Learning Solutions and sister company Cadent Medical Communications, we routinely support planning, programming and execution of virtual programs engaging anywhere from a dozen to thousands of participants. We use a variety of platforms, some of which can be implemented at short notice.

Virtual delivery requires you to rethink your content and approaches. Through the many successful online meetings we’ve run, we’ve learned how to help make your virtual meeting a success.