December 5, 2022

Digital health technologies (DHTs) are improving the way we prevent, diagnose and treat neurological disorders. Apps, wearable devices, tools and platforms measure disease symptoms and progression, inform treatment decision-making and facilitate remote care. When it comes to evaluating the progression of Parkinson’s Disease, wearables and other sensors may be able to detect more nuanced changes in a patient’s condition—with greater objectivity and precision—than standard clinician-administered assessments.

However, no DHT has yet been qualified by regulators for use as a primary endpoint in Parkinson’s Disease trials, although many collaborative efforts by various stakeholders are geared toward that end. In the meantime, sponsors with DMTs in development for PD should consider using the latest DHTs as secondary or exploratory endpoints. This paper discusses what is involved in qualifying DHTs and best practices for use in the development of treatments for Parkinson’s Disease.

Download the White Paper.

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