Optimizing combination approaches

In the race to find new oncology treatments, solid tumor clinical trials are continuing to pave the way in the discovery and approval of effective new anti-cancer therapies, including combination immunotherapies and other forms of innovative targeted approaches.



Leading the Way with Scientific Innovation


Our Immuno-Oncology Project Team focuses exclusively on studies of therapies that incite the immune system to combat cancer. Our clinical professionals are currently supporting new approaches to precision medicine in solid tumors, working with cutting-edge therapies including combination immunotherapies and complex study designs (basket studies, platform trials, umbrella trials, etc.) across all phases of clinical development. 

Our experience is diverse, involving a breadth of immuno-oncology therapies and mechanisms of action, including 83 studies with checkpoint inhibitors (CPIs) and 21 studies with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In fact, we were early pioneers in immunotherapy clinical trials. We conducted the studies that led to the approval of the very first checkpoint inhibitor, seeing it all the way through from Phase 1 to marketing authorization and commercialization. 

We have the necessary experience to operationalize your immuno-oncology studies across a wide range of disease settings and tumor types. Based on this deep expertise, we can support sites with our medical oncologists to ensure a robust evaluation of efficacy to obtain actionable data for registration studies. We are the only CRO to field dedicated Medical Site Liaisons (MSLs) for this purpose.


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