Supporting Patients at All Levels

What is the Syneos Health Rare Disease Consortium?


At Syneos Health, helping our clients develop the medicines people need is something we take personally. The Rare Disease Consortium is part of our mission to support patient access to treatment.

Rare Disease clinical development presents very specific challenges that require an innovative approach in order to enable rapid access to treatment options for patients living with a rare disease.

We understand the sense of urgency to accelerate development of rare disease treatments and to facilitate access to medicines for these patients. This is why Syneos Health created a consortium of experts to support clinical development strategies tailored to specific rare diseases, by focusing on the needs of these special patients to encourage their participation in clinical trials.

We believe that it is our responsibility to develop highly tailored strategies aimed at managing the potential challenges that rare disease studies can present, to ensure that every single patient with a rare disease has the option to access a potential treatment through participation in a clinical trial.


Click here to read our Rare Disease Consortium fact sheet