Bridging the Data Gap for Big-Picture Impact

A massive structural shift is happening across the biopharmaceutical industry that demands new skills, new tools and new ideas in the marketing suite. As a consequence, brand leaders are looking to their agency partners to take on new roles in data-driven channel planning, marketing innovation and ROI modeling and analysis – in short, predictive analytics.


Put simply, predictive analytics – or said another way, predictive intelligence – means using mathematical models to best predict the probability of an outcome. It’s an approach that is changing healthcare and marketing.


The Syneos Health Predictive Analytics Solution

While it’s true that we live in the time of big data, the fact remains that data is only worth what you can do with it. With our predictive analytics capabilities, you can do so much more.


At Syneos Health, our companies and agencies (see our brands) are fully integrated. Here, clinical and commercial disciplines work hand-in-hand and we approach data the same way. Our data processes and algorithms are shared, not siloed, creating predictive analytics models that provide deeper, actionable insights than traditional ROI and other decision-making tools. The end result is a better marketing mix to enhance your brand dollars.


Just some of what our cross-function data capabilities can do:


  • Follow customers across media and channels
  • Derive understanding of preferences and influencers
  • Benchmark and compare anticipated performance


In addition, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with Concentric, Inc., a software company, to automate data access and grow our practice holistically throughout the organization. We are utilizing their Concentric Market® simulator technology – the first predictive engine of its kind – to drive smarter, agile planning and forecast outcomes.


While bringing these best practices forward, we will likely challenge a few existing norms along the way. For example, we are encouraging our customers to begin data collection earlier in the overall clinical development and commercialization process to optimize every action taken and dollar spent.


We believe that having the best data possible, along with model flexibility and our integrated clinical and commercial approach, is the key to predicting the environment before you enter it and accelerating brand performance once you’re there.

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