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Our Patient Recruitment Strategies Ensure You Enroll the Right Patients, at the Right Time

Clinical trial participants are people, too.

And their motivations for joining – or not joining – a clinical trial are complex. Maybe they are hoping for a cure. Or frightened of the unknown. Perhaps they are motivated to help others. Or perhaps the basic logistics of their lives – or the limitations posed by their illness – mean they would have trouble participating even if they wanted to.

When you select us to assist with your patient enrollment, we will develop an enrollment strategy that is tailored specifically to your trial, enriched by our ability to bring forward behavioral insights and communications expertise into the start-up process to recruit precisely the patients you need, precisely when you need them.


About Patient Recruitment

As therapies become more complex, trials more sophisticated and patients more elusive, especially those with rare diseases, Syneos HealthTM is unique in its ability to be able to bring forward behavioral and communications expertise you won’t get in any other traditional offering. We utilize data assets, behavioral insights, social media and communications capabilities to enhance the speed and success of site selection and patient recruitment.

We pride ourselves on our strong site relationships and our ability to help you identify exactly which countries and sites are best for your trial. Syneos Health has been recognized – by sites themselves – for outstanding leadership, professionalism, integrity, operational excellence and dedication to advancing the clinical research profession through a strong site partnership.

We ensure that when a site is launched, it already has pre-agreed, ethics-approved materials that are ready to go. We quality-control every piece we create, applying our local regulatory and ethical knowledge and expertise designed to ensure your trial doesn’t suffer from unnecessary and frustrating delays due to lack of compliance.

We utilize our Trusted Process® methodology – our best practices for ensuring predictability in the start-up phase of your program, which are also adaptable and scalable to fit any trial, whatever the size or design.

Our people embody our Trusted Process: committed, technically brilliant, talented professionals who are always learning and looking for ways to improve the customer experience by bringing better processes and deeper insights to ensuring your patient enrollment is completed on time.