Our Talent Network, Database and Process Offers You Best-In-Class Commercial Recruiting Solutions

We are an exclusive recruiting partner who has expertise in the commercial life science industry and who, specifically, has a talent network of the top MSL, Nurse Educator, Sales, Sales Management and Market Access performers. Our proprietary database, industry-leading recruiters and branding and talent assessment process are key to the accelerating our customers' commercial recruiting success. 

They successfully met our timelines, budget and our ambitious quality standards. Additionally, despite being acquired by [Pharma Co] during the late stage of recruitment, we were able to retain all of our field commitments. We could not have done this without the leadership and support of the Syneos Health team. Hiring Syneos Health to lead this scale-up was among the best decisions we made in our ‘go to market’ plans.
- Biopharma Company Chief Commercial Officer
  • <2%

    turnover in first 90 days

  • 12

    weeks from resourced to launch teams

  • 30

    days average time to fill (backfills)

  • 85%

    hire ratio on the first slate of 3 candidates interviewed

  • 96%

    average team full at launch

Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services: Our RPO team is a dedicated group within our recruitment services that mutually benefits from the larger group as a shared resource, which assists in bringing our customers the very best talent available. Our RPO team focuses solely on direct placements and is proud to be best-in-class. 


Recruiting Delivery Model and Assigned Roles: Our organization is highly flexible and scalable. Our team is well equipped to manage any project, regardless of size or scope. The team structure outlines the various levels of oversight and involvement dedicated to each project. Each team member has a well-defined role and possesses the training and experience required. This model can be modified to ensure proper reporting structure and coverage while being guided and directed by a single point of contact at the Project Director (PD) level.


Sourcing and Talent Attraction Model: Our approach to sourcing begins with well-established objectives developed throughout the “discovery” of our customer’s needs, culture and profile. Once established and agreed upon, our recruiting teams prioritize sources and go to the market to initiate sourcing avenues best aligned with the profile and desired recruiting strategy.


Proprietary Database: Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology is critical to our proactive recruitment of pharmaceutical sales representatives and allows us to connect and qualify top talent in a timely manner for our customers. Our “live” proprietary database of over 400,000 qualified healthcare sales candidates is critical to our team’s success. No other technology allows a recruiting team to be better positioned to identify currently active candidates on a timely basis for our customers. The incorporation with OFCCP and EEO compliance regulations, along with the metric and reporting capabilities, make this an invaluable solution for our customers.


Implementation and Interview/Assessment Process: Providing a pool of qualified candidates in the sourcing stage is critical to a successful recruiting campaign. However, it is also important to have the right assessment process and staff in place to manage this step throughout the qualification stages. Our assessment process and methodology leave nothing to chance. We have multiple touchpoints and qualification stages with candidates prior to engaging the customer managers to save time and provide the best talent available. Our systematic, customizable approach to the assessment stage has yielded an 85 percent hire ratio on the first slate of five candidates presented.


Interview and Assessment Process and Centralized Interview Centers: Depending on the number and locations of the positions, we recommend a centralized interview center as the most efficient process to conduct a number of interviews as quickly as possible. To emphasize quality, we recommend a Panel and Confirmation interview sequence.


Case Study Presentations: Analysis-based interviews are designed to provide interviewers with insight into how candidates analyze data and build business plans based on quantitative information. The candidate is provided case-study material that includes quantitative data prior to the interview. Case study material is designed specifically for the customer’s sales opportunity. During or immediately following the panel interview, the candidate will present their business plan to the interview panel. Hiring managers then ask a series of questions related to the presentation and the material.