Leveraging Analytics to Build Engaging Connections

Creating a digital and social experience starts with understanding your audience. Not just as patients, caregivers or healthcare professionals, but as people. Through behavioral insights, social listening and Dialogue RoadMAP, we understand the human behind the healthcare. And because we’re an organization solely focused on health, we appreciate the complex and regulated environment in which companies must operate.

  • Actively manage social media channels for >15 companies
  • Create content for >100 different social media initiatives
  • Have created social media content on behalf of 17 celebrities, including one with >36m Twitter followers
  • Launched the first branded Facebook page for a pharmaceutical company


Whether connecting with audiences as an educator, customer service representative, healthcare professional or patient support network, we help companies engage in real-time conversation by being as human as their audiences and as compliant as their regulators.

We’re uniquely positioned as an organization focused on health. We can go deep into the science, translate it through an understanding of the individual perspective and can empathize with the people experiencing it for the first time. It’s this ability that enables us to form a deep connection with the human behind healthcare. Companies that choose to enter the conversation need to wear several hats while moderating, monitoring, managing, measuring and engaging in real-time conversation in front of thousands. More than anything, they are expected to be as human as their audience.

Our process focuses on uncovering the insight that reveals the human behind healthcare and developing a strategy and experience to match their needs across the digital spectrum. 

Our Offering

  • Audience Mapping

Understand who your current audiences are on social media by defining their background, topics of interest and social behavior to ultimately inform channel and content strategy at the corporate, brand or executive level.

  • Conference/Milestone Social Media Monitoring

To inform real-time and future communications strategies by assessing the response on social media to a major conference or milestone announcement.

  • Influencer Identification

Identify individuals who are influential on social media and have demonstrated credible reach, relevance and resonance. Maximize communications strategies by identifying the people who matter most. Identify potential brand advocates, detractors and key patient bloggers whom you may want to engage or monitor

  • Ongoing Community Listening

Monitor and evaluate a shift in community to determine if “the needle is moving” and inform ongoing engagement strategies and issue preparedness.

  • Dialogue RoadMAP (Assessing Motivators, Actions and Preferences)

Online communities have become a credible and reliable source of information for newly diagnosed and experienced patients. The Dialogue RoadMAP analysis provides an in-depth understanding of their drivers, barriers, details of their treatment selection and switching behaviors, and the overall journey the patients navigate. The analysis can identify unmet needs and challenges, as well as crucial touch points for conversion, and the assessment of patient attitudes and behaviors provide credibility and authenticity to optimize communication strategies.

  • Social Media: Clinical Trial Recruitment and Retention Program

Inform and measure a multi-channel strategy which projects a single voice, takes an audience-centric approach, is disciplined in its channel utilization, and is focused on: identifying audience insights and understanding; producing a strategic content plan, grounded in consistency for all patient materials (online/offline); measuring, adapting and optimizing an ongoing clinical trial recruitment program as well as providing insight into the tactics that provide the highest ROI.

  • Social Media Listening

Analyze social conversations (typically over a 12-month period) to understand what stakeholders such as patients, caregivers or physicians have been saying about a particular brand, treatment and/or disease state.

  • Social Media Assets Performance Audit

Optimize the customer’s proactive social media programming by auditing the performance of their current and previous content, as well as performance of content from key competitors