Your Promotional Field Team Solution

Whether you’re an emerging biopharmaceutical company launching your first product or a large, established biopharmaceutical enterprise preparing to introduce the latest entry into a new or competitive market, Syneos Health Selling Solutions is your promotional field team solution provider. We have the industry-leading, scalable capabilities to recruit, train, target, deploy and support successful sales teams to achieve your business goals.


  • ~105

    sales teams created in the past five years for our customer partners

  • 40+

    sales teams created to launch new products

  • 15+

    sales teams created to launch customer partners' FIRST products

The Performance of Our Sales Teams Drives Consistent Results


As the largest provider of outsourced sales teams and sales solutions to the healthcare industry, we have well-established, flexible processes and infrastructure to efficiently build, scale, deploy, execute and retain high performing field sale teams. 

This proven flexible framework, combined with our experience, everyday dedication and relentless energy, has achieved and exceeded results for our customer partners. The performance of our sales representatives consistently matches or exceeds that of our customer organizations.

Selling Solutions has enjoyed long success promoting prescription, over the counter, diagnostic, medical device and animal health products to healthcare professionals in almost every therapeutic area.


Why Outsource a Sales Team from Us?

A smaller, emerging biopharmaceutical company developing its first drug may not yet have the sufficient infrastructure in place (e.g., sales team, sales operations) necessary to thoroughly and successfully commercialize its product(s). These types of companies may be looking to minimize fixed costs and risk as they enter into their first brand launch. Even a large, established biopharmaceutical company, anticipating a new product launch in an unfamiliar therapeutic area, may be hesitant about the costs and necessary resources and risks in hiring its own new sales force in an unfamiliar therapeutic category. That’s where Syneos Health Selling Solutions can help.

Outsourcing a sales team significantly reduces direct and indirect costs for biopharmaceutical companies. Further, engaging Syneos Health Selling Solutions to provide a sales force offers our customer partners an increased level of flexibility, scalability and adaptability. Many factors can make directly hiring a new sales team challenging: shifts in brand strategy or product pipeline, changes in market dynamics or in the product life cycle, changes in competitive activity or recent FDA decisions. 

Syneos Health Selling Solutions is able to scale the size of a sales team up or down much more quickly and efficiently than most healthcare manufacturers are able to do when hiring their own launch sales team. As an outsourced field team provider, we also conduct valuable market analytics, provide key strategic insights and handle all the necessary HR processes – hiring, performance management, discipline and termination – and manage all pay, bonuses, benefits and employee relations matters. This frees up customer management to focus more on brand promotion, launch strategy and other more pressing matters, like marketing strategy, changing market dynamics, competition or other internal sales teams needing attention.


Multi-Channel Detailing

Reaching all key audiences requires focused energy. We develop tailored and multi-channel promotional programs to ensure our customer’s brand information gets to your targeted physicians. Our programs combine face-to-face sales calls with on-demand and digital promotions which are accessible from mobile devices, tablets and web portals.

We also design and implement non-personal promotional programs, including direct mail, emails, inside sales, social media and web conferencing. Our unique analytics enable us to effectively target and focus your promotion.


Types of Teams

From small biopharmaceutical companies with promising compounds to pharmaceutical/biotechnology giants with established brands, we have the breadth of capabilities to successfully support a countless range of customers and commercial needs.

Our sales teams are built, trained and prepared to be productive. Whether they’re managed by us or by our customer partners , our promotional sales forces are thoroughly vetted by our rigorous talent acquisition process and expertly trained by our Learning Solutions group to effectively engage specialty and primary care physicians, as well as hospital-based and Integrated Delivery Networks and  pharmacies. 


Field Sales Operational Support

Our sales operations infrastructure provides our customer partners  with custom solutions and an integrated service offering that is fully equipped to manage all necessary support functions for promotional and non-promotional (MSL) field teams and keep customer management well-informed on team performance.

Operating as a valued partner in supporting our customers’ ongoing growth and operational needs, we can develop, customize and manage all of the following elements at the necessary scale: 

  • Custom targeting and incentive compensation design and administration
  • Full-service customer relationship management (CRM) across multiple field types (e.g., sales, medical affairs, managed markets)
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA) and fully integrated data management services
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for enhanced business intelligence and performance
  • Project management through all phases to ensure successful implementation
  • Audience segmentation
  • Sales team sizing and alignments

We are the only outsourced sales service provider to own all relevant functions and services necessary to design, recruit, train, deploy, manage and monitor field-based team performance.  Among the other back-office support services we provide, our field-team customer partners include: compliance, human resources, talent acquisition, training and development, analytics, reporting, and fleet management.