Understanding the Challenges of Precision Medicine

Studies are now designed to include multiple drugs and tailored treatments against heterogeneous malignancies that were previously considered to be one disease. Our Targeted Therapies Team concentrates exclusively on these new therapies including biomarker-driven therapies, biosimilars, antibody drug conjugates and other small molecules.


These new treatment paradigms require a deep therapeutic understanding and a high level of experience in different therapeutic targets.

Our clinical professionals are currently supporting new approaches to precision medicine in solid tumors, working with cutting-edge therapies including combination immunotherapies and complex study designs across all phases.


Mechanisms of Action (MoA) Tailored to Each Patient

Principal Mechanism of Action by study phase

Total Principal Mechanism of Actions


Connecting with Patients at the Right Time and Place

Amidst evolving treatment landscapes and a backdrop of regulatory change, patient recruitment and retention require a specialist approach, especially in precision medicine: one where the ability to connect with patients through investigative sites ranks as highly as medical and operational expertise.

Our therapeutic alignment means that we are able to engage with focus, passion and peer-to-peer scientific expertise to develop deep relationships with key opinion leaders, investigators and sites. We are the only CRO to field dedicated Medical Site Liaisons (MSLs) for this purpose.

This enables us to engage with the right sites to reach the right patients from day one, helping customers meet their recruitment targets faster, no matter how complex the trial.

Whether motivated by the personal journey of a cancer patient or the challenge and rigor of cancer clinical research, at Syneos Health we are passionate about collaborating for a cure. 

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Close patient ties


Big data 

to augment site identification, gain access to protocol-eligible, deidentified patient population information.