Eye Disease Treatment – Helping You Make the Most of Opportunities


An aging global population, combined with continued unmet needs in ocular diseases that carry genuine quality of life implications, has created a boon of interest and opportunity in developing new eye disease treatments. Ophthalmology studies are highly specialized, requiring intimate knowledge of the patient and caregiver experience, deep relationships with quality research sites as well as technical skills for ocular imaging and a spectrum of treatment modalities.


There remains a finite number of clinical research sites in a competitive clinical landscape. You need a CRO with deep and long-standing site relationships, a comprehensive global view of an evolving treatment and clinical research landscape, and disease-specific expertise in developing drugs, biologics, devices and specialty products for eye disease.


We're the Leading Global Clinical Trial Provider for New Treatments for Eye Disease


With 15 trials in AMD and nine in glaucoma conducted over the past five years, as well as scores of others across a variety of indications, we are the leading global provider in clinical services for both front- and back-of-eye diseases. 

Our team is built around the expertise of more than 450 drug development professionals and physicians who have contributed to bringing leading eye drugs to market and progressing experimental therapies across all possible modalities:

  • Intraocular, systemic and subcutaneous injections
  • Topical drops and ointments
  • Oral medicines
  • Surgical interventions
  • Devices
  • Combination products


Recruitment Expertise With All Types of Patients, Including Specialty Populations:

  • Pediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • Rare disease


Long-lasting Relationships with Investigators Around the World


Through this experience, we have developed long-lasting relationships with investigators around the world. Our historical data allows identification of top performers for nearly every disease in all global regions.

And because we are working with sites every day on current ophthalmology studies, we have our finger on the pulse of the clinical landscape, allowing us to better advise you about where, when and how to advance your eye disease programs.

We collaborate with some of the leading providers of specialty technical services to support your trials. Our partner reading centers provide training and certification for all modalities, including OCT, angiography, fundus photography, ERG and more.

We work with the leading providers of BCVA certification globally and we know how to get your marketed comparator drug where it needs to be – anywhere in the world. 

What does all this experience mean for your ophthalmology development program? Here are just a few examples:

  • Clinical first patient in milestone
    • We customize a targeted start up plan by selecting the right site in the right location. Our accelerated model allows us to use pre-qualified ophthalmology sites, expedited document collection, grandfathered certifications and a Trusted Process® partner IRB to get your study off the ground, recruiting weeks ahead of the industry standard.
  • Advice on clinical and commercial opportunities for your treatment candidate
    • Our team is deeply entrenched in current and upcoming care standards and clinical programs. We routinely prepare clinical development plans, aid in regulators’ preparations and write protocols to bring success in a competitive marketplace.
  • Scaling from early development to fully global programs
    • We have the country knowledge and site relationships to scale with your growing needs. We have developed long-lasting relationships with ophthalmology investigators at nearly 600 sites around the world - many of which are members of our exclusive Ophthalmology Catalyst Site Network. We know where ophthalmology sites are and how they have performed, and will provide a fit-for-purpose strategy based on real data.
  • Recruiting treatment-naïve or rare disease subjects
    • We have proven recruitment and retention strategies to engage with patients and their caregivers. Participating in research in ophthalmology is a big commitment, and we understand how to find and support patients with work, family and other life circumstances to manage. Through study branding, traditional and social media channels, referral practices, text messaging, smartphone and web applications, and patient concierge services, our internal team of patient recruitment and retention experts is part of the planning for every study, from the start. We believe that recruitment planning cannot be part of a mitigation strategy months into a study. And we know that patients and investigators have many care options, so careful consideration for how to reach and motivate is critical for enrollment success.


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