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Veeva CDMS Implementation, Process Definition Support and Delivery Excellence

Syneos Health: A Veeva-Preferred Partner With Deep Expertise to Help Advise, Build and Operate Your Veeva CDMS

The increasingly complex and fast-moving clinical trial landscape has underscored a need for an agile and innovative Clinical Data Management System (CDMS). Veeva’s Vault CDMS is a modern cloud application for clinical data management that combines EDC, coding, data cleaning and reporting on a single cloud platform.​ Top 20 pharmaceutical companies, emerging biopharma companies and leading CROs are moving toward Vault CDMS to build study databases faster, improve efficiency for study teams and drive greater consistency in data management.​

A case study performed by Syneos Health demonstrates that Veeva CDMS, when implemented and delivered correctly, can reduce end-to-end data management (DM) cycle times by up to 75%.

As a Veeva preferred services partner, Syneos Health can help you implement and transition to Veeva Vault efficiently, ensuring “business as usual” phase is reached swiftly, laying the foundation for delivery excellence.

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Delivering Expert Solutions Across the Spectrum of CDMS Implementation

Our market leading Veeva services provide advisory, implementation and business operations support for companies in all phases of execution—from assessing proof of concept, to navigating early adoption, to ramping up stack capabilities.


A fully integrated, insights driven product development If you are considering taking part or all of the Veeva stack on-board, you want to know that making a Veeva investment will secure you reduced costs, reduction in cycle time and high quality. Syneos Health has the extensive experience in implementing and delivering the Veeva stack. We can give a full objective view of the benefits of Veeva and have a dedicated consulting business that can provide impartial advice.


For those who have committed to some or all of the Veeva stack, swift implementation and process redefinition is critically important. Our experience and solutions for implementation of the stack in conjunction with Veeva—which we have already implemented for several pharma customers—can have you realizing the benefits sooner.


If you have already implemented the stack, or you have worked with Veeva for implementation and want to realize cost savings and timeline reductions when it comes to DM delivery—you’ve come to the right place. We offer demonstrable models to deliver DM Functional Service Provider (FSP) services on client Veeva Vault, and through our unique and dynamic FSX approach, we can customize solutions to successfully meet your individual needs.

Our case studies demonstrates reduction in cycle times, cost and sustainability at high quality. We are a leading "build" CRO partner for Veeva and have a center-of-excellence in CDB programing, with a dedicated team across India, Europe and the US.

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Why Syneos Health?

We have done this before

Our teams have done similar assessments and defined processes for other clients, including Top 10 pharma​

We have an experienced team

Our teams have a blend of consulting skills and subject matter expertise to deliver projects with best outputs for our clients. This includes a pool of clinical and independent SMEs to provide expertise. We have also developed robust frameworks and tools to accelerate process design and analysis​

We are a preferred Veeva services partner

We understand Veeva’s suite well, have in house certified Vault consultants who have helped several clients implement and transition to Veeva Vault​

Interested in Syneos Health?