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Endocrine and Metabolic Disease Research

Advancing science for global impact

Diseases of the endocrine and metabolic systems — diabetes, dyslipidemia, kidney disease, obesity and other disorders — are urgent public health issues around the world that demand innovative and accelerated solutions.

For those of us working in this field, the opportunity to have meaningful impact on the health of these patient populations and individual lives is what motivates us each day.

Partnering with you to meet complex challenges

More than a CRO, we work with innovative companies at the forefront of endocrine and metabolic disease drug development. This includes small to midsize biotech companies who turn to our specialized Endocrine and Metabolic Team to meet them where they are in the drug development continuum and become true partners in meeting complex challenges.

We’ve worked across the entire spectrum of endocrine and metabolic indications including diabetes and its complications, dyslipidemia, growth hormone disorders, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, neuropathies, obesity and rare metabolic disease.

Your global strategy, and an expert team in every market

We leverage our deep therapeutic expertise, insights and capabilities across our global team to connect you with highly trained personnel who are not only therapeutically focused but who also understand how to match regional regulatory requirements to your global registration strategy.

Enduring site relationships for endocrine and metabolic studies

Fierce competition for investigators, sites and patients is a given in this field. We tap our vast database of experienced endocrine and specialist investigators with whom we have long-term relationships to match each site’s specific capabilities to your study.

Finding eligible patients is further complicated by the need to target specific subgroups to meet protocol-specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. In addition to working with sites to develop and implement effective recruitment strategies, we maintain large databases of specialty patient populations around the world.

Improving the patient experience

The contributions patients can make to the clinical research enterprise are invaluable. We learn from them to map their journey to inform study goals and reduce the burden of trial participation by using home health, telemedicine and digital technology platforms to facilitate decentralized solutions.

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