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Learning Solutions

Custom training and learning solutions for customers worldwide

Learning Solutions is a full-service provider of practical, high-impact training solutions that combine instructional design expertise, interactive technologies and deep subject matter expertise to assist customers globally in achieving business results.

Our dedicated team of professionals customizes solutions to your needs

Learning Solutions maintains state-of-the-art training capabilities, including our own modern training facility, where we have a dedicated team of training professionals who facilitate workshops and manage training programs for our customers.

We design and develop training in a variety of modalities, including e-Learning courses, videos, print documents, live workshops, virtual, instructor-led training webinars, gamification, simulations, certifications and assessments, to name a few. 

Proud to be on the 2020 Online Learning Library Watch List, which recognizes emerging or unique strengths and capabilities of top training companies.

"They designed the solution in a way that spurs thoughtfulness and strategic thinking, yet delivers training in a fun, informative and exciting way."

- Division Manager, Global Biopharmaceutical Organization

We take a blended approach to learning rather than a didactic approach; and we conduct interactive workshops, which keep participants interested and motivated. Our learning solutions include multiple opportunities for application and reinforcement and are sustainable and measurable.

Core lines of service

  • Custom Live Training and Virtual Training Solutions
  • Knowledge Evaluations and Selling Skills Assessments
  • E-Learning Library Off the Shelf and Custom
  • Live Library of Off the Shelf Workshops
  • Clinical Training • Clinical Trial Protocol Training
  • Marketing and Launch Excellence Training
  • Digital, Video and Technology for all learning needs
  • Selling and Coaching Frameworks
  • Facilitation and Delivery Services
  • Leadership development
  • Sustainability and measurement
  • Gamification
  • Learning Portals
  • Learning Strategy
  • Learning Architecture (roadmap) design

Our suite of capabilities includes training in products and disease states, clinical protocols, sales effectiveness, marketplace/market access, leadership effectiveness, medical affairs (MSL, CNE and physician), launch/NSM/POA and Real World Evidence, as well as selling/engagement model deployment, contract trainers and facilitation services.

Our most popular offerings include aligning Perspectives™, knowledge assessments, verbal certification simulations, advanced selling skills programs, leadership development, DiSC behavior style workshops and other developmental modules to help managers and sales representatives continuously improve their competencies.

Principles of adult learning

Learning has its earliest roots in cognitive theory, which has been followed by most who have developed learning content in the past. Advances in technology, such as digital simulations, make it possible to construct knowledge through personal experiences instead of traditional learning methods, rather than acquiring it. Simulated scenarios bring training to life and let learning explore in a risk-free environment mirroring the real world.

We adhere to the principles of the ADDIE Model in the design, development and implementation of training programs (e-Learning, workshop, virtual, etc.). All deliverables include clear, concise learning objectives.

With todays increasing market demands, using the ADDIE model in isolation is not enough for learning design and strategy to come together effectively. To obtain this, we enhance the standard approach with an Agile process to ensure we can support the need for speed, flexibility and collaboration.

We also align with Clyde Freeman’s best practices for case-based learning, and ensure all case studies:

  • Tell a compelling story
  • Focus on an interest-arousing issue
  • Are set in the past five years
  • Create empathy with the central characters
  • Include quotations
  • Are relevant to the audience
  • Are conflict-provoking
  • Are decision-forcing
  • Have broad applicability

For every training topic, our in-house instructional design team works to anticipate the situations in which learners will use the information. For that reason, we use real world-based scenarios at the center of our instruction. While many training deliverables can be designed using a situated instruction approach, there are certain training deliverables that are designed to impart foundational knowledge. These deliverables, however, should be part of a more comprehensive experience and continuum of learning. Our methodology allows us to deliver a strong, blended solution which increases the impact on performance.

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