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Patient-Powered Medicine

Driving participatory research, advocacy and innovation

Patient-Powered Medicine collaborates closely with customers to ensure that patient community perspectives are seamlessly woven into every aspect of their work. By elevating the patient voice, we create a bridge between the scientific and human dimensions of healthcare.

Our unique approach provides meaningful and flexible solutions that puts patient experiences at the center of drug development strategy and execution, ensuring we address the needs, burdens and priorities of the community and make the greatest impact for people and care partners living with a medical diagnosis.

Patient Voice: Patient voice is shorthand for what people have to say about their health-related needs, fears, hopes and preferences.

It’s what we hear when we suspend our agenda and seek to understand their priorities.

It’s how we learn to create solutions that matter and steer clear of assumptions. 

Patient voice is about better understanding their world so we can advance healthcare together

(Source: Syneos Health)

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Explore how we can help you strategically integrate the patient voice to accelerate your success.

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Harnessing the power of lived experience for patient-focused drug development

Early and throughout clinical development, we build stronger connections to patient communities, gather evidence that reflects representative patient insights and elevate patient voice.

We are:

  • Strategists fluent in principles and practices for ethical, empathetic and effective patient community engagement.
  • Experts in applying social science methodologies that generate data on needs, priorities and preferences.


Addressing rising regulatory, payer and community expectations for patient inclusion in clinical trials

Customers are looking for partners who can deliver informed guidance on “how” and “when” to engage with patients and help them generate the patient experience data they need to meet expectations and improve outcomes. That’s why we’re here. Steeped in the dynamics of the rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem, our expertise helps customers move from conceptualization to strategic planning, operational ease and implementation excellence.


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