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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

While we all can make a positive difference in the world as individuals, it is when communities act together that we can make the greatest impact. We believe that through our efforts as a global Syneos Health® community — by acting responsibly and sustainably — we can help advance health and change patients’ lives. This belief is the foundation for our Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.

Download Our Latest ESG Report

We’re pleased to share our latest ESG Report demonstrating our commitment to making a positive impact. This report highlights our purposeful actions to uphold our responsibility to create a more sustainable world for each other.

Sustainability Report Archive: 

ESG Strategy at Syneos Health

From clinical development through commercialization, Syneos Health supports the development of new and innovative therapies and enhances patients’ access to
them—shortening the distance from lab to life.

Our ESG strategic framework demonstrates how we act responsibly and sustainably to enable our customers to improve the health of patients. It is aligned with our
Vision and Values and includes four pillars: Advancing Health, Caring for People, Operating Responsibly and Protecting the Planet..

Advancing Health

Leveraging our expertise to help deliver solutions that change patients’ lives, including Clinical Trial Safety and Quality, Ethics in Research and Development, and Access and Affordability

Caring for People

Supporting our employees and fostering a culture of respect for all, including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I), Talent Engagement, Recruitment and Retention; Employee Safety and Well-being; Human Rights, and Community Support

Operating Responsibly

Acting with integrity and making decisions guided by our strong ethics, including Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Privacy and Data Security, and Supply Chain 

Protecting the Planet

Promoting environmental sustainability for the health of the earth and its people. We’re focusing our efforts on Energy and Carbon Emissions, Climate Change, Waste and Water, such as signing the Climate Pledge. and Access and Affordability

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