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Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Focusing on Quality in Global Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Services

Our safety and pharmacovigilance teams support clinical trial and post-marketing safety surveillance across the globe. With patient safety as the critical component in clinical development, our quality focus aligns us to partner with our customers to provide both standalone and integrated services throughout the lifecycle of a product.

What sets us apart is our people: highly qualified drug safety scientists and skilled healthcare professionals with experience in direct patient care, industry-specific pharmacovigilance services and a deep knowledge of regulatory legislation and dedication to providing quality safety services.

…Your meticulous record-keeping and knowledge of our pharmacovigilance processes and systems afforded us the time and flexibility to widen our bandwidth to provide drug safety and support to other areas and groups in the company and the industry.

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How Do We Meet The Challenges of Global Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance?

We forge a long-term, trusting relationship and provide a personalized service customized to your needs. No two customers are alike, and our philosophy is to shape our support to best fit your needs and structure. Across the board, we’re focused on offering effective solutions for compliant and accurate global pre- and post-approval pharmacovigilance.

Whether you’re looking for full safety services or standalone elements, we can implement innovative solutions in global drug safety and pharmacovigilance.

We manage your safety and pharmacovigilance needs at any stage of product/device development to ensure quality and compliance:

  • Clinical trial safety: Phase I-IV, from data entry to case closure, full processing, including expedited/periodic reporting
  • Post-marketing safety: AE case processing, reporting, signal detection, U.S.-based call center, literature search and review, product complaints, EU QPPV and Litigation case processing
  • Safety regulatory submissions: Dedicated subject matter experts in safety regulatory legislation and submissions
  • Safety physicians: We have dedicated/trained physicians in all aspects of the life cycle of safety and pharmacovigilance
  • Safety database: Dedicated support team with expertise in working both in customer and in-house safety database 

We have one of the largest Safety and Pharmacovigilance teams in the industry, working across the globe, for you.

Each project is supported by a team of pharmacovigilance professionals located strategically to support specific requirements. Local staff support regulatory reporting as required, to ensure compliance. We follow global processes for consistency across the team, regardless of location.

Our people possess strong academic backgrounds, comprising pharmacists, medical doctors, nurses and life-science graduates. During the 25+ years of our safety operations, our teams have developed a deep knowledge of legislation and broad industry experience.

We achieve a compliance rate of >99% in on-time safety reporting in a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

In recent years, pharmacovigilance legislation has become more stringent than ever, dramatically changing the game for compliance. Reporting needs to be significantly more robust and specialized, and as a result customers are increasingly outsourcing safety and pharmacovigilance services. We can provide:

  • Automated safety report distribution system with pre-programmed regulatory reporting requirements. Adaptable, secure and controlled delivery of expedited and periodic reports to regulatory authorities, ethics committees and investigator sites with full tracking and audit trail
  • A multi-tenant, fully validated, 21-CFR part 11 and E2B compliant safety database system, generating standard regulatory reports, with the flexibility to be customized to meet your specific requirements
  • Dedicated regulatory safety intelligence team with access to a regulatory intelligence database allows for continuous monitoring of regulatory requirements across the globe

Interested in Syneos Health?

Interested in Syneos Health?