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Dermatology Research and Clinical Development

Building on the promise of innovation

The future of dermatology is being shaped by giant steps in everything from skin cancer detection and treatment to cell and gene therapies for genetic and rare skin disorders.

For those at the forefront of these innovations in dermatology, we provide deep clinical development and therapeutic expertise in dermatology drug development, fueled by insights from across the clinical to commercial spectrum.

Deep therapeutic expertise for flexible, integrated solutions

Our specialists in dermatology drug development leverage the experience, insights and capabilities across our global team and offer flexible, integrated solutions from Phase I research to commercialization.

We’ve completed more than 200 dermatology clinical trials since 2016 for many indications, including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, alopecia, skin cancer and rare skin disorders, as well as skincare and medical aesthetic products.

Accelerating patient recruitment

Our breadth of experience means we have strong relationships with high-recruiting sites and more than 3,000 dermatologists who can be contacted for participation in future studies.

Furthermore, we aim to increase patient enrollment, including hard-to-find patients with rare skin conditions, using a cutting-edge technology platform we call Digital Amplifier. We use Digital Amplifier to precisely identify qualified HCPs – down to the individual level – and communicate with them about your trial via personalized content and synchronized message delivery across channels to encourage referrals.

The result can be a dramatic acceleration in patient referrals and recruitment that nets major time and cost savings, improves diversity among trial participants and ultimately helps deliver better care to patients, faster.

Capabilities that go above and beyond

As a CRO, we also offer a full suite of Bioanalytical Solutions for accurate, precise and timely data providing answers to your critical questions. Our extensive dermatology clinical experience means that we can bring multiple approaches to bear on addressing your method, development and validation needs.

Let’s put our dermatology experts to work for you

Better together

Many dermatology conditions are considered rare and need even more specialized expertise. At Syneos Health®, helping companies develop rare disease therapies is something we take personally. It takes novel and integrated approaches, including early engagement of key stakeholders, to accelerate products to market and de-risk the development of critical patient therapies. Our Rare Disease Consortium helps speed rare disease therapies to patients and families who are waiting.

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