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Dedicated to the art and science of neuroscience clinical research

With an approval rate for neuroscience therapies that is about half that for other drugs, the distinct challenges of clinical research in this area – e.g., accelerating recruitment, measuring highly subjective endpoints, countering placebo effects, demonstrating clinical meaningful efficacy – need to be met with an uncommon blend of scientific depth and elegant problem-solving.

We thrive on the challenges

No other area of medical research requires as much precision and inventiveness to achieve meaningful outcomes.

At Syneos Health, we marry rigorous science with deep, global experience, and then combine that with the sharp strategic thinking, operational excellence, consulting acumen, risk management and pragmatic solutions needed to conduct your neuroscience clinical trial efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our specialty CNS therapeutic areas include:


Syneos Health has an established reputation for our work in pain management, including the design, feasibility, execution, analysis and interpretation of studies in a variety of acute, sub-acute and chronic pain disorders, rare indications and pediatric pain.


From recruiting the right patients, to ensuring assessments are completed properly by trained experts and that all stakeholders are aligned, we have managed these complexities and more across a range of challenging neurological study design and difficult-to-recruit indications in neurology.


The success of your psychiatry clinical trial hinges on precision in study design, site selection, subject recruitment, the quality and evaluation of raters and the monitoring and delivery of high-quality data. Our experts in psychiatry research offer deep scientific and clinical experience in studies of affective, psychotic, anxiety eating and developmental disorders.

Clinical Surveillance and Training

The ever-increasing complexity of Central Nervous System (CNS) research demands unprecedented diligence at the site level to obtain interpretable, actionable data. Unique to Syneos Health, our Clinical Surveillance and Training (CST) team is integral to our Neuroscience offering, conducting holistic, collegial and culturally sensitive eligibility reviews to ensure on-protocol subject selection for CNS trials.

We have specialized experience with the following:

  • Alzheimer’s clinical trials
  • Schizophrenia clinical trials
  • Psychedelics clinical trials
  • Postpartum depression clinical trials
  • Depression clinical trials
  • Major depressive disorder clinical trials

With dedicated experts and teams focused on each of these areas, we are structured to meet the complexity of your neuroscience research with uncommon experience and insight.

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