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Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions

Consultative problem-solving for customized decentralized solutions

At Syneos Health®, we know there’s no “one size–fits all” solution to decentralizing a clinical trial. That’s why we created Decentralized Solutions.

Our dedicated Decentralized Solutions team combines fully integrated clinical, RWE and commercial insights, agile technologies and operational excellence to bring clinical trials closer to the patient – transforming drug development. Our innovative trial design expertise creates new ways to accelerate patient access, improve retention and increase diversity.

Customized solutions to address the unique nuances of your trial

Whether in person, remote or virtual, our customer-first approach, scientific and therapeutic expertise and behavioral understanding of sites and patients enables our Decentralized Solutions group to create bespoke solutions to address the specific needs of your trial.

Your DCT partner from the start

We identify opportunities for decentralized approaches early in the planning process to effectively manage and mitigate executional complexities, drive efficiency, reduce cost and speed development.

Working across the drug development continuum

Our expert teams orchestrate seamless integration of innovative solutions across each stage of the lifecycle. From providing best-in-home nursing services through Illingworth Research Group to consulting on the right wearables for your trial, we bring together right-sized capabilities to fit your needs.

Continuously infusing site and patient insights

We listen and learn from patients each day – lessons that inform everything from decentralized protocol design to data capture and patient retention strategies. The Syneos Health Patient Voice Consortium supports our commitment to keeping patients at the center of innovation.

Teaming up with best-of-breed technology and data partners

Our Dynamic Assembly® operating philosophy enables us to harness fit-for-purpose technologies, combined with the rigor of our proprietary Trusted Process® to deliver custom solutions with the highest operational quality.

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