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FSP 360

Every customer is unique. We believe every FSP solution should be, too.

Every customer is unique. We believe every FSP solution should be, too.

As customers look to consolidate outsourced clinical solutions, typical static functional service provider (FSP) models no longer meet increasingly complex scientific and operational needs.

Syneos Health® has developed FSP 360 to provide a customized outsourcing approach that prioritizes flexibility and fit-for-purpose solutions, easing the burden of resource management and functional delivery while enabling sponsor visibility and control of clinical development.

By taking a 360-degree view, we consider the right model, technology, process optimization and metrics for the customer, and then build a customized solution to successfully meet your individual needs and goals across the entire asset portfolio.

Providing an array of FSP 360 services anytime during the clinical development lifecycle

With FSP 360, engagements can be scaled based on where you are in your outsourcing evolution. From accessing specific functional excellence to expanding or supporting internal capabilities, to a multifunction FSP providing a combination of capabilities across an entire portfolio, FSP 360 aims to deliver speed, flexibility, quality and efficiencies.

Syneos Health FSP 360 Services

CTMS=clinical trial management system; KPI=key performance indicator; LMS=learning management system; QPPV=qualified person responsible for pharmacovigilance; TMF=trial master file

Unrivaled scale and experience – FSP support wherever you need it

Bespoke FSP 360 models can be focused by service, geographically and therapeutically aligned, and easily integrated and scaled. Syneos Health staff, trained for this custom model and managed by our internal team of leaders who specialize in working in FSP models, bring best practices forward to support your rapidly shifting and/or expanding developmental priorities with a focus on speed, flexibility, quality and efficiency.

Your goal is our goal

Our priority is partnering with you to build dedicated, fit-for-purpose teams that align structurally and culturally with your organization. FSP 360 staff operate as an extension of your team, bringing you greater flexibility, scalability and efficiencies – because patients are waiting.

  • Our dedicated global resourcing team recruits top talent. Our Clinical Training Institute, employee engagement and stepladder programs support our people as they grow in their careers.
  • We seed new FSP partnerships with a core team of experienced leaders who know how to establish a FSP program, engage relevant stakeholders, define program expectations and build collaborative governance as a foundation for excellence.
  • Operational Leaders within the FSP functions are experts in the latest technologies and business processes.
  • We offer a global footprint built with the fundamental understanding that in-country leadership is a critical success factor to growing and supporting staff within an FSP model. 

FSP 360 is based on decades of experience and built to address today and tomorrow’s market realities.

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