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DE&I Transformation in FSP Partnerships: Building the Clinical Trials Team of the Future

Exploring the pivotal role of diverse research staff in optimizing clinical trials and how Functional Service Provider (FSP) strategies can help build diverse, effective teams. 

Achieving diversity in clinical trials is essential in today’s rapidly evolving clinical research landscape. Central to this goal is the intentional design of diverse clinical trial teams across the entire delivery spectrum, from sponsors to clinical research organizations and trial sites. While efforts to improve awareness and communication with underrepresented patient communities and reduce participation barriers are crucial, building diverse research teams is increasingly recognized as a key driver of inclusive research.

This paper delves into the pivotal role that diverse research staff play in optimizing clinical trial delivery and propose innovative workforce development strategies to build diverse clinical trial teams. These strategies are a cornerstone of the Syneos Health functional service provider (FSP) partnership, aiming to create a more inclusive and effective clinical trial ecosystem.

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