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Medical Affairs

Amplify your science to communicate value and improve patient care

Syneos Health® offers comprehensive Medical Affairs capabilities and expertise to help you navigate an increasingly complex medical and scientific environment. In partnership with you, we can develop and execute strategies that seek to amplify your science and your value story to an ever-expanding array of stakeholders, for maximum impact in any setting – from early development to commercialization and beyond.

With experts in medical strategy, field medical deployment, real world late phase, integrated evidence and HEOR, and scientific communications, we’re able to build a seamlessly integrated team – acting as an extension of your own – to help demonstrate and communicate your product’s safety, effectiveness and impact on patient outcomes.

Your partner in delivering actionable insights and purposeful engagement

Operating as a third strategic pillar in addition to R&D and Commercial, we are constantly innovating with the goal of providing our customers with impactful strategies and tailored solutions to reach and educate all stakeholders. Our expert teams work across the development lifecycle with a focus on optimizing product launch and getting the best medicines to patients who need them.

We offer a full suite of Medical Affairs both integrated and point solutions, working with our customers to address their biggest challenges.

Strategy and Operations

Real World Late Phase & Integrated Evidence Generation

Scientific Communications

Our global team is focused on strategy and execution, leveraging cross-functional expertise to design tailored solutions that aim to support organizational transformation and asset, portfolio, and therapeutic area strategic engagements, driving positive perception of clinical, economic, and patient value.

Real World Evidence (RWE) is fully integrated across our Medical Affairs offering as a critical tool for holistic evidence generation across the product lifecycle, from pre-clinical to post-authorization and lifecycle management. We offer services across the evidence generation spectrum including:

  • Late phase interventional and observational studies
  • Peri-approval studies
  • Real world evidence strategies
  • HEOR modeling and strategies
  • Field-generated insights

Future-ready, full-service capabilities that seek to tell your product story in ways that are immediately captivating and readily understood, delivered with precision to the right stakeholders at the right time. Our credentialed specialists are dedicated to creating custom content optimized for multi-channel delivery including:

  • Scientific communications platforms
  • Peer-reviewed publication with digital pull-through
  • Breakthrough and award-winning MOA videos
  • Complete KOL identification and engagement plans

Field Medical Excellence

Training and Development

Medical Information

As a leading provider of outsourced field medical teams, our goal is to custom-build the infrastructure and recruit the talent needed to communicate your complex science and drive stakeholder perception.

Our global MSL and Clinical Educator teams receive market-leading training, seeking to ensure that your science is reaching the right stakeholders at the right time for maximum impact.

As Medical Affairs professionals engage with an increasingly diverse range of stakeholders and require new skills, we emphasize learning agility and business acumen to help build high-performing leaders and teams.

Our in-house award-winning Learning Solutions team uses innovative technologies to support your Medical Affairs teams with:

  • Knowledge retention
  • Skill refinement
  • Leadership development

Explore MyCourse™ Medical Affairs, an agile learning development platform designed for Medical Affairs professionals.

We’re focused on partnering with you to provide customized stand-alone and integrated safety and pharmacovigilance services through the lifecycle of your medicine products or services. Full pharmacovigilance services include safety call center services for:

  • Adverse events
  • Product complaints
  • Medical information handling

Insights and Innovation

Innovation is at the center of our solution development and delivery. We aim to ensure that your Medical Affairs activities are forward-thinking and innovative for:

  • Insights gathering and analysis
  • Impact measurement and assessment
  • Digital engagement tactics
  • New solution development

Innovative yet pragmatic solutions to real-life challenges facing your asset or organization

Our flexible approach, which emphasizes bespoke solutions rather than traditional service lines, with the goal of achieving better, more efficient execution to reach your objectives and accelerate your success.

We act as an extension of your organization, leveraging a seamlessly integrated team of experts and capabilities. Our flexible approach allows us to scale up or down to efficiently deliver solutions that are connected and aligned to your needs.

We offer both standalone and integrated solutions that seek to help you achieve clinical and commercial outcomes and maximize the potential of your asset, portfolio of products and your evolving organization.

Wherever you are on your Medical Affairs journey, we can meet you there

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