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Effective Patient Community Engagement: Guidelines for Medical Affairs Teams

Best practices for Medical Affairs teams to compliantly engage with Patient Advocacy Organizations and bring the patient voice earlier into the asset development lifecycle.

Medical Affairs is uniquely positioned to infuse drug development with the voice of the patient and to share appropriate disease and scientific information with patient communities in a way that resonates with them, particularly by working with Patient Advocacy Organizations (PAO).

Medical Affairs’ focus on PAOs as an appropriate and vital audience is not new where such engagement has been permitted under country laws and company policy. However, the remit to bring patients’ needs and concerns to light earlier in the drug development process is relatively new for Medical Affairs. Consequently, not all Medical Affairs teams may have established best practices for engaging with patient groups earlier in the asset lifecycle.

In this white paper, Syneos Health experts examine how the patient voice is being incorporated into the drug development and how Medical Affairs professionals are working with PAOs to integrate a unique and valuable perspective in this process.

Download the white paper to learn more.

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