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Webinar: Patient Perspectives as Essential in Next Generation Clinical Trials

Patient need has always been the reason for drug development and the patient perspective as a partner in the development of clinical trials can have an invaluable impact. But while industry has long spoken of “patient-centricity” as a key to continued progress, the concept has fallen short—largely due to well-meaning conversations about patients rather than with patients.

Only recently has the patient voice become recognized as an essential asset in the development of medicines, a result of sustained patient advocacy and regulatory efforts such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Patient-Focused Drug Development initiative. 

The need to include patient perspectives is even more acute for novel and emerging, particularly oncology and “next-generation” cell therapies in difficult to treat settings, which pose unique challenges for patients and their families.

How can we continue to get closer to meeting and beating the real-world expectations of patients and caregivers and ensure we stay one step ahead of the heightened expectations of regulators, payers and customers?

Watch the recording of this webinar below to learn more about why engaging patient perspectives is essential to clinical trials.


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