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The Trusted Process®

The Trusted Process is our proprietary, metrics-driven methodology initially developed to manage all aspects of your clinical study. This unique, four-step approach delivers faster results while maintaining data integrity and reducing operational risk and variability.


Once we receive your request for proposal, our therapeutic experts create a customized study delivery plan. Combining quality with a robust feasibility evaluation, we develop a solid strategy to deliver your protocol.


We begin the selected services with our best-in-class clinical study project management methodologies. Experienced project teams turn strategy into comprehensive plans, focusing on your priorities. We meet with you at a week-long camp to review all aspects of the project, where we agree on goals, establish study ownership and clarify responsibilities. This reduces cycle times and the potential for future strategy revisions. At the end of the week, everyone has the same vision and has agreed to a plan that covers project milestones, deliverables, key risks and response plans.


This is the point at which study sites are activated and begin contributing to enrollment and data generation. The project team focuses on delivery by overseeing the project activities and managing risks. The project’s performance is monitored to resolve issues rapidly and keep you informed.


As soon as the first enrolled patient completes the study, we begin the next phase of intense planning. We reassemble the project management team to review the deliverables and evaluate project performance. This unique approach reduces operational risk, variability and cycle times.

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