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Payer Marketing

Understanding payers as people first 

To resonate powerfully with your audience, the words and images of your value narrative need to be crafted meticulously. Your stories must speak to audiences on their own terms, in their languages and, where appropriate, must balance convincing facts with compelling emotion.

For you, an agency that understands payer customers as people first – a team that can connect insights, data and trends to motivate behavior – can produce market-changing stories.

Creating and communicating a compelling value story 

Our creative consultancy teams help win over skeptical audiences to life-changing science and/or money-saving benefits.

Whether it’s an outcomes-based value proposition, a highly clinical discussion of a molecule, or a productivity-enhancing presentation, we show that your brand’s value extends far beyond the dollars and cents of a contract.

We offer you: 

We leverage our deep therapeutic expertise, insights and

  • Payer Marketing – From preapproval information exchange to value proposition development to payer-specific creative campaigns, we can help. 
  • Pull-through -- We help facilitate patient access by shaping customer perceptions and driving demand based on coverage and affordability. 
  • Market Access Medical Communications – We create relatable stories out of medical knowledge (e.g., study designs, clinical endpoints, population data and real world evidence) to drive meaningful impact in the market 
  • Market Research – Our proprietary market access research panel enables testing of message platforms, creative concepts, value propositions and engagement strategies to ensure communications for your brands result in the behavior changes you seek. 

Ready to tell your value story? 

Explore our Payer Marketing capabilities

A market access-exclusive agency that delivers solutions building brand value and optimizing patient access in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. 

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