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Supplier Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are foundations of any successful business model. Syneos Health remains committed to increasing and expanding diversity with our valued partners and suppliers. Diversity is rooted in our culture, as we believe a diversified portfolio unlocks invaluable benefits for our customers, employees and shareholders.

We believe that a diverse supplier base enables our organization to leverage a broad range of experiences, varied perspectives, and unique ideas, resulting in a greater positive impact on our company, our industry, and our community. Diverse suppliers bring new ideas and innovative solutions to our projects every day. We strive to maintain an inclusive and fair environment in which all suppliers have equal opportunity to compete for business and support our clients. Supplier diversity is fundamental to our organization’s success, allowing us to consistently deliver quality services to our customers and drive value for our shareholders.

To learn more about becoming a diversity partner with our organization please contact us with a brief overview of your organization and contact information, as well as your certification status as one or more of the following categories with your certification number(s): 

  • Minority, Woman or LGBT Owned or Small Business Enterprise
  • Disabled, Veteran or service-disabled veteran-owned
  • Disadvantaged or HUBZone-Certified

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