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Collaborating to restore vision and improve lives

The eye is one of the most complex organs in the human body, transmitting visual signals to the brain so we can perceive the world around us. Consequently, ophthalmology clinical trials are highly specialized, requiring intimate knowledge of the patient and caregiver experience, deep relationships with quality research sites as well as technical skills for visual assessment, ocular imaging and a spectrum of treatment modalities.

Since 2010, Syneos Health has executed 290+ ophthalmology projects and developed and commercialized 48 approved eye care products, making us a leading ophthalmology contract research organization providing clinical development and commercialization services for drugs, devices and diagnostics in vision care.

Experienced in specialized areas and all treatment modalities including wet AMD, genetic therapies and rare disorders

  • 35 Wet AMD Studies
  • 25 Cell & Gene Therapy Projects
  • 24 Orphan & Rare Disease Projects
  • 11 Device & Combinations
  • 12 Pediatric Projects
  • 21 Biosimilar Projects
Read our perspectives on the latest trends in ophthalmology product development.

Partnering with deep scientific and therapeutic expertise

Our Ophthalmology teams consists of more than 360 ophthalmology-trained staff , including nine board-certified ophthalmologists in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific who are experts in the field and dedicated to vision research.

Operating in 110+ countries across all global regions, we have performed 118 clinical studies spanning all phases of development.

Always starting with the end in mind

At Syneos Health, we partner with a problem solving mindset to provide you with integrated scientific, clinical, regulatory, commercialization and marketing expertise.

We bring commercial insights forward into clinical development with teams that combine traditional functions (i.e., project managers, medical monitors, CRAs, and therapeutic and functional experts) with specialists in market access, study branding and patient engagement/advocacy, medical science liaisons and nurse educators.

We constantly share insights that lead to better, smarter and more innovative clinical development and commercialization solutions.

Meet Laszlo Bekesi, MD, MSc, MBA

Strong and enduring site relationships

Given our deep experience, we have developed long-lasting relationships with ophthalmology investigators at more than 500 sites around the world – allowing for efficient start-up and decreased site burden to help accelerate your timelines.

Ready to see what our Ophthalmology team can do for you?

Wet AMD experience across all phases of drug development

Leveraging our global scale, therapeutically experienced study teams and long-standing site relationships, Syneos Health helps companies of all sizes thoughtfully advance their wet AMD therapies through clinical development and commercialization...

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