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Syneos Health Podcast | Site and Study Execution for Ophthalmology Trials

This is an exciting time in the development of new medicines to treat both rare and age-related eye diseases. But what is it like in the trenches to develop and deliver clinical trials that evaluate both the safety and efficacy of these potential new medicines for diseases of the eye? In this episode, Nick Kenny, Syneos Health CSO and interim podcast host, is joined by Eileen Schramm, Senior Clinical Trial Manager, and Nicole Curry, Senior Project Manager, both in the Syneos Health Ophthalmology team, to discuss the challenges and realities of developing and delivering clinical trials for ophthalmology assets. They highlight the importance of finding and engaging clinical investigators who have the necessary equipment, training, and patient stream to conduct these complex trials; the need for proper site staffing, minimizing staff turnover, and investing in training for study coordinators; and the critical role of patient engagement and providing trial participants with clear expectations and tools to navigate the study journey.

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Nick Kenny
Nicole Curry

Eileen Schramm

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