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Oncology and Hematology

Passionate about collaborating for a cure

We are living in a “golden age” for cancer research and discovery. Our knowledge and ability to have direct impact on tumor cells is increasing at a rapid pace, and patients are living longer thanks to advances in genetics, immunotherapy and precision medicine.

This only fuels our sense of urgency for the many patients who are still losing their battles with cancer.

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Enabling your boldest aspirations with experience, insight and scientific innovation

Our therapeutic expertise in oncology and hematology runs deep and it also runs wide – far beyond the offerings of a traditional contract research organization (CRO). Our service offerings in oncology extend from preclinical and translational science to clinical development, regulatory and commercialization/marketing capabilities.

We listen closely and then leverage the right experience, insights and capabilities across our global organization to offer thoughtful, integrated solutions for achieving your goals.

Diverse and measurable experience across the full range of cancer therapies

Our Targeted Therapies team concentrates exclusively on these new therapies including biomarker-driven therapies, biosimilars, antibody drug conjugates and other small molecules.

Our Immuno-Oncology team focuses exclusively on studies of therapies that incite the immune system to combat cancer. Our clinical professionals are currently supporting new approaches to precision medicine in solid tumors (including breast cancer clinical trials) and blood cancers (including acute myeloid leukemia [AML] clinical trials ). We are working with cutting-edge therapies including combination immunotherapies and complex study designs (basket studies, platform trials, umbrella trials, etc.) across all phases of clinical development. We are experienced with conducting trials at the forefront of newer immunotherapy discoveries, including studies of novel immunomodulators and combination treatments.

At Syneos Health®, we look toward the future as we apply novel approaches to oncology drug development and innovative trial design, including cellular and gene therapy clinical trials and investigator-led and cooperative group trials. To provide unparalleled depth of expertise, this group is further specialized in three areas:

With teams focused in each of these areas, as well as dedicated experts for Early Phase Oncology and the Asia-Pacific Region, we are structured to support oncology product development at every scale, from emerging biotechnology organizations to large pharmaceutical companies.

Whether motivated by the personal journey of a cancer patient or the challenge and rigor of cancer clinical research, at Syneos Health we are passionate about collaborating for a cure.

Looking to the future in cell and gene therapies

Cell and gene therapy (CGT) clinical trials often involve treatment aspects that are novel to investigators, site staff and patients alike. Unfamiliar aspects of treatment and operations, including complex logistical considerations, need to be executed in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

We bring deep experience managing these challenges to each CGT engagement, supported by the Syneos Health Cell and Gene Therapy Consortium, the hub for our knowledge and experience base in CGT services, including translational science, clinical development, regulatory strategy and commercialization.

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