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WEBINAR | Optimizing Diversity in Oncology Trials: A Site-Specific Approach

On-demand webinar hosted by Syneos Health and the Society for Clinical Research Sites, exploring the complexities and paths towards enhanced diversity in oncology trials at the site level.

As the biopharma industry strives to ensure that clinical trials reflect the rich diversity of the patient populations they aim to serve, the challenges to make this possible have fallen on the trial sites. Syneos Health experts, hosted by the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) recently came together to explore how sites can contribute to enhanced diversity in oncology trials, with specific actions that sites can take to make each clinical trial better represent the population it seeks to serve.

This webinar covers the multifaceted challenges hindering diversity in clinical research, offering robust strategies and actionable insights tailored to overcome obstacles, including strategic adjustments to eligibility criteria, cultural sensitivities in trial materials, collaborative efforts for diversity, overcoming participation barriers and operationalizing diversity initiatives.

Watch the webinar recording below.


Jane Bentley, VP, Oncology Therapeutic Strategy & Innovation, Syneos Health

Juliette Roberts, VP, Global Head, Oncology Therapeutic Strategy & Innovation, Syneos Health

Kelli Defenbaugh, Patient Recruitment Liaison, Patient Recruitment and Retention Management, Syneos Health

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