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WEBINAR | Revolutionizing Cell and Gene Therapy Trials with Human-Centered Design and Real Patient Narratives

Patient satisfaction and engagement are key to achieving retention and compliance in cell and gene therapy trials, where commitment is crucial, from cell harvesting to ensuring patient involvement in lymphodepletion and study-specific procedures. 

To meet this challenge head-on, study companion apps are being developed to create a seamless and connected journey for patients, from the moment their trial begins. 

This webinar discusses results of a patient panel assessment of one such companion app - developed by StudyKIK, a Syneos Health company - gathering feedback from experienced clinical trial patients, aged 35 to 76, selected for their demographics and familiarity with adoptive cellular therapies. 

Watch the webinar below to delve into the insights on how use of a study companion app can impact the clinical trial experience for patients who participate in complex oncology trials.

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