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Patient Advocacy

Our work and culture are fueled by a shared goal to improve patient lives

At Syneos Health®, we engage and integrate patient community perspectives throughout our work supporting the biopharma industry, elevating the patient voice and developing programs that support both our customers and their communities’ needs.

Experience across all pillars of advocacy

We bring together experts across the product development lifecycle to build advocacy initiatives powered by integrated perspectives and strategy.

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Increasing diversity for our people, customers and community

The Syneos Health DE&I Advisory Council is an elite team of external DE&I advisors who provide diverse perspectives and real-world insights to our internal teams and clients.  All council members undergo a rigorous vetting process and serve a two-year term with Syneos Health. The Council provides a regular pulse on emerging DE&I trends and customers can call upon their expertise to co-develop strategies that change positive intentions into potent action.  The Council’s contributions are creative, adaptable and focused on meeting criti

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