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Research and Development Advisory Group

Today’s clinical development and regulatory environment requires biopharma companies to be agile and forward thinking in order to continuously optimize their operating models. As a critical part of Syneos Health® Consulting, our R&D Advisory Group helps biopharma companies of all sizes focus on designing, planning and implementing large scale organizational changes that address their specific needs.

Our R&D Advisory Group was built from the Syneos Health acquisition of Kinapse, an industry-leading consultancy with deep expertise in R&D organizational, process and technology-enabled transformations. We blend industry-leading consulting expertise with recognized experts across the entire spectrum of research and development. Our delivery teams combine consulting with hands-on subject matter experts to bring deep insights to our R&D advisory services. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond a single asset or portfolio, looking at four major areas of focus — strategy, process, technology and sourcing — to deliver actionable insights and solutions that are transformative to the organization.

Most importantly, we have a firm belief in being a trusted partner to our customers, establishing long-standing relationships with an independent mindset and dedication to developing solutions with only their best interests in mind.

Are you EU CTR ready?

The European Union Clinical Trials Regulation (EU CTR) is set to radically change the clinical trial landscape across Europe. The new Clinical Trial Information System (CTIS) officially went live on 31st January 2022, marking the start of a three-year transition period during which time companies must implement updated processes and assess systems to enable compliance and effective interfacing with the CTIS.

Our integrated EU CTR offering can provide support to sponsors irrespective of your readiness. Syneos Health can both support in preparing you to be ready to conduct trials under EU CTR, and support in your ongoing delivery of clinical trials under the EU CTR.  Learn more.

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Are You Ready for EU CTR? 
The Challenges, Lessons Learned and Innovations Surrounding the New Regulation

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