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Putting Patients First: Principles for End-of-Trial Communications


Highlighting best practices for improving consistency and outcomes of patient communication through the end of clinical trial participation.

There are clear benefits to patient engagement across the clinical development process, from identifying better eligibility criteria and endpoints to patients themselves feeling increasingly empowered. However, despite the demonstrable results surrounding patient engagement, application of best practices is often inconsistent when it comes to managing a patient’s emotional journey throughout a trial.

One of the areas most in need of improvement is end-of-trial communication. Not only does limited end-of-trial communication result in poor transparency and understanding of trial results, but individual expectations and queries often go unmet. This results in disillusionment towards the general biopharmaceutical industry, not just for patients but amongst their friends, families, and wider communities as well.

In this paper, Syneos Health experts examine the effects of poor end-of-trial communication, how it can be avoided and the benefits of improved communication with patients at this stage of development process.

Download the white paper.

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