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Engaging Patient Communities: The Changing Role of Medical Affairs

As value-based payment models emerge, Medical Affairs teams are well poised to support payers and accelerate access to products and services for patients. As a result, the sphere of stakeholder influence for Medical Affairs is expanding beyond healthcare providers to include a broader group of stakeholders. One of the most important stakeholder groups are patients.

The incorporation of insights from the patient community into drug development is crucial to clarifying treatment goals and unmet needs from what is considered a priority by patients themselves. Medical Affairs is in the perfect position to integrate the patient voice into the drug development process and beyond.

In this white paper, our experts will examine the role that Medical Affairs plays in leveraging patient insights in the development and marketing of new drugs, how engaging patients can have real developmental benefits—and how an effective framework for a partnership between Medical Affairs and patients can be the foundation of a new drug’s successful development and launch.

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