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WEBINAR | Participant Engagement and Realities in Decentralized Clinical Trials

Today’s clinical trial landscape offers an unprecedented range of decentralized and hybrid options, including home health and community-based options. Digital solutions have been hailed as the path toward more inclusive trials yet many still struggle to recruit representative patient populations, despite clear regulatory guidance. How can the feedback from participants in recent clinical trials help industry refine its decentralized clinical trial (DCT) approach to be even more inclusive and responsive to patient preferences? How can industry work more collaboratively with advocates who possess distinct lines of site into their communities’ needs and experiences around trial participation? In this webinar, the featured speakers will explore solutions to maximizing participant engagement in DCTs.

The Patient Choice Centered Research Initiative (PCCRI) asked recent clinical trial participants across a range of patient communities to reflect on their satisfaction with the operational aspects of their trial experience through a 50-question survey. PCCRI then collaborated with five patient advocacy groups with distinct patient population needs to analyze the findings alongside what they’ve heard from their own communities to turn insights into actionable, feasible DCT strategies that align to patient choice.

In this webinar, Syneos Health patient voice and DCT experts address how insights from this initiative and other patient-focused efforts can help to close geographic and digital health literacy gaps, decrease trial-related financial toxicities, improve participant engagement and minimize burden for sites and patients.

Watch the webinar below to learn how incorporating patient insights and preferences into decentralized clinical trials can improve inclusivity and increase participant engagement.

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