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Syneos Health Podcast: Training the Next Generation of Pharma

The clinical research enterprise faces a clear and present personnel shortage, creating inefficiencies for clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations, many of whom find themselves in a constant recruitment cycle for qualified clinical research associates (CRAs) in a hyper-competitive job market. 

While industry has traditionally recruited for these roles from healthcare and scientific programs or settings, we are now seeing a shift from requiring that specific, role-based experience to a more foundational competency-based model. This means potentially looking outside of those traditional sources. But how to we find, recruit and train this next generation?

Jennifer Sozio, Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations and Audra Holleman, Vice President, Clinical Development at Syneos Health discuss the new profile of CRA candidates, challenges and opportunities for recruitment in the current market, and how to train and prepare a growing pool of new CRA resources focused on quality, project delivery and commitment to advancement.

Learn more about the Syneos Health Clinical Training Institute here

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